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A Walk In The Dark (Coming in fall of 2022)

              The Vast In Between

A child goes missing during the storm of the century in Shardsburg, Alabama. Thirty years later, a woman shows up on Cookie Haine's doorstep with a faded newspaper clipping about the incident with the cryptic words, tell no one. What happened to the child and what does it have to do with Cookie? In this story of love and loss, one woman must uncover the truth in her quest for acceptance and forgiveness.


C.L. Craig invites us to a story of family fraught with mystery but with characters so endearing you’ll look for their Christmas letter to catch you up on how they’re doing. A finely plotted story from the South and from the heart with surprises to the very end.

Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author of The Healing of Natalie Curtis

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, a glimpse into a pivotal time in American history--through the eyes of a young woman unraveling the mystery surrounding her birth. The author does a masterful job of scene setting, the imagery so compelling that more than once I found myself reading phrases aloud. The characters are well drawn, dialogue natural, and the conflicts are believable and engaging. The mystery unfolds gradually, like a building storm, allowing the reader to explore its emotional impact on the characters. There are unexpected twists, poignant revelations, and a satisfying conclusion. I recommend The Vast In Between to those who enjoy family drama, Southern fiction, and a warm, humor-infused and wholesome read.

Candace Calvert, Author of Maybe It’s You from The Crisis Team Series as well as The Mercy Hospital Series and The Grace Medical Series 

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Here is just a small offering of the books and writers I have worked with in the past. Each has helped me to hone my skills and made me a better editor. To them, I give my thanks. 


I have had the good fortune to work with some amazing authors over the years. I hope you will follow the links to some of their websites and check out their latest novels.

Thanks to my editors at Thomas Nelson . . . and thanks to my freelance editor, Carol Craig, for helping me bring The Inheritance to fruition. 

Tamera Alexander
Fountain Creek Chronicle Series

Special thanks for editing help goes to Carol Craig . . . who helped make me a better writer.

Sherry Jones
The Medina Series

 . . . independent editor, Carol Craig, of the Editing Gallery for her invaluable advice on how to keep my characters quirky, yet give them heart~and for teaching me, finally, to tackle "theme" without popping antacids. 

Candy Calvert
The Darcy Cavanaugh Mystery Series

I extend a heartfelt thanks to Carol Craig, my editor, who worked tirelessly late into the night, so many nights, to help me craft my story.

Nikki Arana
Regalo Grande Series


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