Danuta Pfeiffer: Author, Journalist, and Vintner 

Danuta Pfeiffer's
Memoir, Chiseled reads like a thriller. From her childhood in a cabin in the woods living with her sculptor father who was trained in the traditions of the most hallowed halls in Europe. To her escape in the night to Alaska during the storm of the century. And to her time as a co-host on Pat Robertson's The 700 Club until his run for the White House. Lastly, to her new life as a vintner with her husband, Robin. Chiseled is simply a must-read!

Danuta continues to make waves with her historical novel, LIBERTAS. She has two upcoming podcasts, interviews in Los Angeles and will be a featured speaker at the Springfield Library Conference this year. LIBERTAS also won the Runner Up Award to Book of the Year from the Historical Fiction Company and a Gold Medal in the Book of the Year from the American Book Fest. In this historical, two escaped slaves team up with the Mormans on the Morman Trail to make a new life in the west and to find freedom. LIBERTAS is on the move!

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